Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Military Police Hospital was founded on September 21, 1892, when four physicians were in charge of the medical center, installed provisionally in a house in Bom Retiro district. The hospital’s first building was later opened on April 30, 1916 on Tiradentes Avenue. In 1964 the construction of the twelve floors and 430 beds which until today houses the hospital with a Elderly Service Center, a Psychiatric Ward, and a Rehabilitation Center in Invernada do Barro Branco was begun, close to ten military units and the existent building. The 2002 project for the hospital’s refurbishment and expansion was developed with the assistance of the architect Ubirajara Giglioli, the original project’s author. The main change took place in the block originally intended for the Psychiatric Ward and which was never concluded. Currently intended to house the police force’s Rehabilitation Center, the block preserved its original structure and had its internal occupation redefined for its new program. Other units of the hospital were refurbished together with the Rehabilitation Center consisting of several blocks and totaling 4.864,00m².

  • Client

    São Paulo state Department of Health


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  • Capacity:

    430 Beds

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