Areas of expertise

Consolidated nationally and internationally as major reference in the industry by its operation in different segments such as Transport, Healthcare, Industrial, Culture and Leisure, besides Urbanistic, Civic Projects, and Commercial and Mixed Use Buildings for Real Estate. It operates in Feasibility Studies for large undertakings, as well as consulting for Sports Complex and Entertainment.
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There are over 100 stations designed for various systems, in different brazilian capital cities. Projects for the subway system in Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, a Monorail in Manaus, and for the São Paulo system, also including train stations for the São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company - CPTM . Two airports have been built in the last 5 years.

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The performance in sports is not restricted to stadiums and arenas projects, but include any design to entertainment complex, combining sports and leisure to their buildings. Also developed the restoration and modernization of private sports venues or through public tenders.More than 20 projects developed and 2 built stadiums. In 2018, there are 6 new projects in progress in Brazil and abroad.



A look to extended areas. In order to transform areas, public spaces and even the dynamic of cities, our company developed new projects or work with private and public organizations in Requalification, Revitalization and Restoration Designs. Qualify in order to attract new investments by creating new points of interest, to recover visibility and urban quality preserving the heritage and providing a sustainable development of a region and its surroundings.

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Real Estate

Working together with large developers and real state investors in several segments, from small to large enterprises, acting from the feasibility study, supporting the definition of best product and project, according to the expected results, where the design architecture and its urban integration seeks to add value, not only for the city but also for the venture. The projects include residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, as well as others in the entertainment and hospitality areas.

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Museums, Concert Halls and more. The performance area is not restricted to arena projects, but include any complex design to entertainment, culture and leisure. Multi-performance kind of venues where user’ experience and social participation are priorities. Where public and private meets to promote a new way to connect culture and people.

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Public and private project that combines the architectural design to functionality that a hospital complex requires. 12 hospitals were built over 18 years and a new one is in conclusion of works. More than 100.000,00m² of built area and operate over a 2.000 beds.