Sao Paulo, Brazil

Design Development for the station located on Santa Marina Street next to Água Branca station, CPTM’s Line 7 - Ruby. The surroundings are identified by old industrial facilities, some still in operation, but other edifications have gained relevance through the conversion of those former industrial areas into residential ones, and the number of high-rise residential building starts is striking, a trend that is strengthened through the city Master Plan which provides an extensive high-density mixed use edifications on both side of the railway. There is a significant amount of edifications indicated to be under protection as a cultural heritage, mostly along Santa Marina Avenue.

Urban development and metro-rail transportation projects for the surroundings of this station, changed its characteristics by an articulation role of a high usage through the interconnection with Line 6 to Line 7. With the main access confined in a small terrain, aimed to continue the promenade to create a dry plaza turned to the city, protected under the projection of the technical rooms of the station building.


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