Abu Dhabi/UAE

Concept Project for a Mall and Community Center in Abu Dhabi. The concept replicates the idea of a organic organism, where the interaction between cells provides not only life, but constant renewal.

Each area of different use represents a unique cell that, combined, offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for the community. The project creates an extremely functional, vibrant and dynamic environment. The vertical circulation that gives access to the 1st floor and all public facilities can be reached through the circulation of the mall and directly from the street. This interaction and flexibility is desirable for users of retail store ads. Focusing retail on the ground level increases revenue potential and creates constant activity, day and night, providing a vibrant and festive environment. A place to enjoy and stay. Public facilities are located on the 1st floor. In this way, the activities do not interfere with the intense retail routine, having a more controlled and casual environment. At the same time, proximity can create synergy between all services provided. A green outdoor area adds value to the project by creating a pleasant area, away from noise and heavy vehicle traffic, forming a large green boulevard 360 degrees.


  • Client:

    Aaas / Lulu Group International

  • Built Area:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept Design