Concept Design for the revitalization of the W3 Avenue in Brasília - DF. The work starts from a diagnosis of the current conditions, historical and historical heritage aspects of the Brasília city.

The project intends to rescue the original project premises, but considering a new reality after more than 50 years of its construction, providing its economic revitalization, ensuring a modernization through current urbanism practices, added to public policies, incentives and inspection for that all revitalization scope is completed with great success. The main points are the reorganization of road designs, the creation of pedestrian crossings, the expansion of wooded areas, the presentation of accessibility solutions, the uniformity of the visual identity of the complex, the treatment of floors, the improvement of lighting and the standardization of commercial store displays. For urban furniture, models of industrial elements were proposed in order to replace existing furniture.


  • Client:

    Strata Engenharia

  • Services Provided:

    Concept Design