Sao Paulo, Brazil

The study purposed to remodel the Ibirapuera Park and it surroundings by an Urban Renewal Project involving a continuous promenade encircling the park and intending a sporting and leisure activities. It also provides the park accesses remodeled, creating social spots, with bar, restaurant, restroom and other 24-hour quality services, also signalization and urban equipment.

The area covered by the project will be less than 5% of the park’s total area and its layout should follow the existing vegetation in its natural way, preserving the existing trees. Hence, the physical boundary will no longer be precise and linear, becoming less visible and more integrated with the park without giving away a fence, which is unfortunately needed. So, the promenade, which varies in width from 10m to 30m, is encircled by a metallic fence bordering its limits, allowing a complete view of the inner area and vice-versa.


  • Orla Ibirapuera Area


  • Ibirapuera Park Area


  • Services Provided:

    Viability Study