Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Institute of Cardiology arose in 1954 as a laboratory service. In 1958, Dr. Euryclides Zerbini and Dr. Adib Jatene became members of the heart surgeons’ group. The Institute’s building was inaugurated in 1970, coinciding with the retirement of Dr. Dante Pazzanese. Hence in 1975 the hospital became known as Dante Pazzanese Cardiology Institute - IDPC, in honor of its founder. The Institute provides medical and hospital services and performs investigations and research in the cardiovascular area, including development of new techniques, equipment, procedures, practices and drugs, and is known worldwide as one of the most reputed institutions in the cardiovascular area.

  • Client

    São Paulo state Department of Health

A new building project was developed in 2003 in response to a program for 160 hospitalization beds, 74 ICU beds, an 8 Surgical Theaters and a 6 Hemodynamics Centers, totaling 25.000m² in built area for heart treatment. In 2005, another new building is designed occupying an area of a partial demolition of an older complex, taking up idle spaces and interconnecting the remaining blocks, is composed of ambulatory for 100 offices and examination rooms, image, bio-mechanics and bio-engineering sectors. A total of 12.000m² were added to the service area.


  • Project Year:

    2003 - 2005

  • Built Area:


  • Site Area:


  • Capacity:

    399 Beds

  • Services Provided:


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  • Mep Design:


  • Structure:

    Carlos Leal Engenheiros Consultores Ltda

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