São Paulo/SP - Brazil

A conceptual study with the objective of proposing possible Planning and Development solutions for use and occupation of the idle areas of the Natural Earth network as a way to generate revenue and brand reinforcement. Another focus of the study is the enhancement of space, enhancing the use and use of sustainable technologies, as well as promoting coexistence and integration through the creation of spaces with integrated, pleasant and contemporary design, establishing emotional bond with the user and humanizing the space.

The result is a space with infrastructure and spatial organization that goes back to everything we like; a place where urbanity exists in its most intense character, offering convenience, conviviality and pleasant environments.
“A destination for Gastronomy, Fruits & Vegetables, Culture and Leisure. A place for people looking for an excuse to meet.”

More technically, within Brand planning, the objectives of the conceptual study were:
• Promote new positioning of Terra's Natural Stores
• Map leasable spaces for Gain Marketing Efficiency
• Expand and Qualify GLA
• Improve and Extend User Experience
• Deploy replicable model


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    Conceptual Study