Sao Paulo, Brazil

Modernization project for one of the most emblematic stadiums in the city and considered to be one of the country’s best Soccer experiences, under protection as a cultural heritage, the Paulo Machado de Carvalho Municipal Stadium - Pacaembu. The project includes the façade’s full preservation as well as that of the stadium’s original elements but with a total rebuilding of the inner structure, with a view to raising its capacity to 45.000 thousand seats and adopting the highest standards of comfort and services jointly with the experience in games. Located in a region with a great offer of infrastructure, services, retail trade, universities and high-income homes in the City of São Paulo, there is a potential for this to become one of South America’s most profitable arenas.

In addition to the stadium, the sporting complex includes a aquatic park, a gymnasium and tennis courts. The complex is of great historical importance and plays a significant role in the community’s life, as its sporting equipment is used by the public. Moreover, the field continues a favorite for major games by the city’s first-class teams and can be rented by companies. The idea is that the stadium should preserve its competitiveness expanding its capacity not only for soccer matches but also for other events. The project also maintains the existing Soccer Museum.


  • Built Area:


  • Site Area:


  • Capacity:

    41,215 Seats (expansion 45,000)

  • Services Provided:

    Feasibility Study