Abu Dhabi/ UAE

Market | Retail – Concept Design 2018

The Al Ghadeer market projetc is the design of a hypermarket offering convenience services, but also a small local retailer. Located on a corner, and aiming to be a reference for the Al Ghadeer community, in Abu Dhabi. The volume solution and the implantation, seek to create an active and inviting facade. The project thus escapes the conventional solution for the main volume, creating a facade that breaks with the box and creates more permeable spaces where retail, cafes and convenience are concentrated.


  • Buit Area:

    Market - 3.000,00 M² / Retail – 2.000,00 M² / Terrace 1– 320,00 M²

  • Services Provided:

    Concept Design: Fernandes Architects And Arctech