Bonocô Station by the lenses of Nelson Kon – Subway of Salvador

The solutions for the station building envelop as well as the roof solution of the platforms allows natural lighting and ventilation at the same time protecting from direct sunlight.

An elevated station, located on a median strip, 5.50m above ground, allowing future urban interventions on this reserved area. The project is divided into two stages, the construction of the elevated railway and subsequently the station’s body. A structure as light as possible was created – railway works are heavy by nature owing to the large-scale structural and technical requirements. In addition to a platform, stations are equipped with a distribution mezzanine connected through escalators and elevators, thus creating exception in the volumetric form, demanding considerably from the structure. The idea was to compact these structures as much as possible, all of which supported by the main porticoes only, without creating new supports, maintaining the same span modulation and sequence of supports adopted for the permanent structure. This solution makes it possible to reduce the volume of construction and the number of supports, bringing lightness to the structure, while the raised mezzanine is accessed through the footbridges that connect the station to the access located by the sidewalks on both sides.