São Paulo/SP

The initiative for this project arose from the reading of the proximity between the Luz Station, Portuguese Language Museum, Pinacoteca Station and Sala São Paulo, reference equipment that goes beyond the municipal sphere and has an international projection.

The identification of the potential with the addition of a direct connection between these historical heritage, provoked the development of this project. Luz Station is a listed property and protected by the three preservation agencies, federal, state and municipal. The initial goal was to develop a light structure cover, easily distinguishable as an intervention, with dimensions that are limited to meeting the coverage objective and its possible reversibility. The ambiance of this path aims to strengthen its relationship with historical historical heritage, making the path pleasant and attractive to users, maintaining visibility in all directions. The goal was to create a connection with the railway line through the language of the tracks, strengthening the space's main vocation.


  • Client:

    Cptm – Companhia De Trens Metropolitanos

  • Built Area:


  • Services Provided:

    Architectural Design