Fortaleza/Ceará - Brazil

Design for METROFOR - Fortaleza Metro, with nine stations of the Parangaba-Mucuripe line that has an overground track. This extension has three main typologies.

  • Cliente

    Companhia cearense de transporte metropolitano / MWH Brasil

The Papicu station, overground typology, received the solution in footbridges with access through a mezzanine, being in connection with the Papicu Bus Terminal and connected to the future East station.

The Parangaba Station, connecting with the South Line is an elevated station of different architectural features of the current station- in concrete and platforms on the sides - is modern with materials that enable transparency and a sensation of lightness. The cover and its envelope are composed of steel frames, which support and bear a brise-soleils system also metal, which softness the light in the platform, and an industrial tile with thermal insulation.

The other stations, as overground type, and in order to obtain a reduction in deployment costs and decrease the problem of expropriations, the access is direct on the same level. All proposals stations, are noted for promoting the use of natural light of the city and rely on materials that soften the impact of high local temperatures.


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    Luiz Guilherme Santos

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    Giullia Souza